Accurate Estimating

Visual and Web Design (Freelance)

Accurate Estimating is a Bay Area cost estimation company which provides construction estimating services for construction companies, developers, and architects. As a Visual, UX, and Web Designer on this project, my work consisted of designing a new logo for the company, researching and designing the information architecture, visual language, and content structure for the website, and developing the site using tools that would later allow my client to update their site independently. 
Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Wix 

Research & Framing
My client and I began our process by debriefing on the topic of cost estimation. This debriefing process served as a kind of 'expert interview' which informed the site design. As the industry was new to me, I needed to ground myself in the work that Accurate Estimating would be completing for its clients. I collected information about the key user goals the new website would need to satisfy, what industry trends existed in the marketplace, and what competitor websites looked like.
My client and I identified the following three core types of users for the website: Architects, Developers, and General Contractors. As such, content was refined to serve these personas. My client already had a strong point of view on the content to include in the website. We worked together to properly architect the site, using this content, to simultaneously create efficient user flows while driving strong SEO. Once we understood how the site would be architected, the industry context in which the site would live, and the core users and user flows for the site, we dove into the design process.

Designing The Logo
We designed the logotype and logo mark using construction industry standard colors, dark blue and grey. The blue hue selected imbues a sense of trustworthiness and sophistication. The logo mark was constructed with the objective of emphasizing the ‘A’ in such a way that it would look structural. We selected the pyramid shape for the logo mark because of its symmetry- we wanted the logo mark to feel tidy, balanced, and secure… just like the services provided by Accurate Estimating!
Designing the Website
My client and I had several planning conversations before I dove into designing the website. The subsequent sections discuss some of the key goals we aligned on, as well as, illustrate the results of our work.

Create Clean, Modern, and Sophisticated Visual Language
As part of the site design, my client and I wanted to capture a sense of vastness, enormity, and airiness. We selected crisp, blue-driven imagery and colors which served as a modern interpretation of traditional construction and estimating industry hues.
Tell a Story About Accurate Estimating
Estimation is a complex business. We wanted to ensure that the site language and experience provided any guest with a clear understanding of what Accurate Estimating does, how they serve their clients, and what values they stand for. We designed the landing page with the specific objective of telling a story about about the Accurate Estimating business while providing hooks into relevant site sections to drive engagement. 
Create a Place to View Past Projects and Download Sample Work
In the estimation field, client acquisition is often dependent on past projects and experience. As such, the Accurate Estimating site needed a place where customers could easily find examples of the Accurate Estimating team’s past projects. In response to this need, we designed a portfolio page which contains sample projects and sample estimate work for clients to view and download.
"The Art Experience Website"

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